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    Read Vision and Mission in Spanish

    Vision: A school where every student is a life-long learner, culture is celebrated and community is nurtured. Each student is supported for language and academic excellence preparing them for success in college, career and life.

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    Mission: The Seattle World School community is committed to mentoring students in navigating academic and career goals with holistic services. Our mission is to provide rigorous academics supported by social-emotional development opportunities and life skills. Our focus is to empower students as self, and global advocates in our rapidly changing world.

    SWS Student Values & Beliefs:

    We believe in creating an exceptional and rigorous learning environment for students by:

    • Providing information in more than one language and different modes of communication.
    • Giving recognition to their native language, culture and valuing individual identity.
    • Encouraging self-advocacy and independence in learning.
    • Connecting students with college and career internships and vocational readiness opportunities.

    SWS Family Values & Beliefs:

    We believe in engaging parents and families and the wider community in a meaningful and cooperative partnership by

    • Providing a welcoming environment in the school with up-to-date resources.
    • Strengthening relationships between parents and staff with culturally sensitive, authentic communication.
    • Celebrating cultural backgrounds.
    • Providing academic, social and enrichment events.
    • Connecting individuals with necessary social services in a respectful manner.

    SWS Staff Values & Beliefs:

    We believe in supporting staff success by:

    • Conducting professional development with research-driven English Language Learner (ELL) best practices.
    • Building strong collaboration with joint school and community projects.
    • Facilitating family involvement through engaging and relevant school gatherings.
    • Providing a safe, health minded and well-resourced school environment.
    • Nurturing a diverse, international community of learners with a culture of positive interactions.