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    2020 Elections
    Posted on 11/02/2020

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    Peace and Unity Message to our SWS and Global Communities |ENGLISH


    Elecciones de 2020 - Mensaje de paz y unidad a nuestros SWS y comunidades globales | ESPANOL



    Hello Students, Staff, and Families of Seattle World School.   

    I am Bruno Cross, Principal of our great school.  I am talking to you today as an immigrant and member of our community.  Our world is experiencing historic changes in many ways. The COVID Pandemic, the struggle for social and racial justice, the economic recession and climate change are just a few of the world-wide challenges faced by billions of people around the world.  As immigrants to the United States, we are not only learning about this new country, but many of us are also nurturing deep concerns for their families and loved ones who didn’t journey with us.  This is a reality for many of the students and families with whom we serve, teach, and learn. Now we are here and dealing with this new reality along with everyone else who came before us. 


    The United States is going through a political process that will impact all of us in different ways.  The presidential election results typically generate feelings of loss and disappointment for many on one side, and much positive energy and hope for many on the other side.  It is common for this energy to be a challenge for those who lost and celebratory for those who see themselves as winners.  Regardless of which side we are on, we can reflect on the outcome with patience, grace and sense of respect for the process and with those who engaged in it.  We have an opportunity to engage in dialogue about the democratic process, the peaceful transition of power and authority, resolving conflicts and differences, and recognizing our varied similar and, at times, differing perspectives. 


    Our strength as a people will be measured by how we treat each other.  It is because of the established democracy and traditions of the United States and other countries who embody the practice of freedom that we can continue leading, teaching, and learning in order to best prepare for student for success now and in the future.  We must do all we can to make sure our students recognize “productive struggle” and can continue to “get into good trouble” by providing effective, respectful, and responsive learning communities. 


    We may not agree with the outcome.  However, because we live in a democracy, we can talk about our differences and what we have in common in order to achieve success together.  We must model compassion, empathy and support for everyone as people in this new world!  As we make sense of the world in which we live and beyond, we must embrace the strengths and challenges we embody together.  I trust, hope, and pray now that in the coming days, weeks and months, as a community and a country, we will continue to care with, by, and for each other. 


    Peace and be well. 


    Bruno Cross, Ed.D.