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    Congratulations to Our Summer Learning Program
    Posted on 07/29/2020
    Congratulations Summer Learners

    See below for a message of thanks from our Principal, Dr. Cross, for our Summer Learning Program.











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    Hi. I am Bruno Cross, Principal of Seattle World School.  I'd like to congratulate everyone who participated in this summer's learning program.  Over the last five weeks, students have been able to engage and looking at nature, examining their local parks and how to build and sustain communities. 

    The lessons over the summer were focused around mind and body, science, social studies and art.  Students took virtual field trips, engaged in project-based learning, sketching and journaling their observations, and conducted research activities.  Students also participated in reading one of my favorite books, Seedfolks.  They journaled their ideas and shared their thoughts with each other. 

    Finally, students practiced narration using artistic expression, connecting with nature and life drawing their favorite bird, practicing drawing to support poetry, and created an arm drawing to illustrate their personal story.  All along, students, and staff used strategies to support community building and used affirming vocabulary and language.  Over the five weeks of summer school, students met four times per week to collaborate and learning as a cohort and earn credit toward graduation. 

    As many of you know, in a few weeks we will be starting school remotely or virtually.  So there’s going to be a need to use computer and online tools to support our learning community.  Although in-person instruction will not be available to us yet, we will continue to learn using various online tools to support developing our ideas and making meaning of the world. 

    The online summer school program allowed our teachers and students to create a virtual environment, and practice using virtual learning experiences to learn how to use those technology tools to communicate, construct and craft questions, ideas and projects.  Their actions will support teachers and students as we begin to plan for the upcoming school year.  We want to thank students and parents and staff who participated in the Seattle World School Summer School program. 

    On July 30th – Thursday – Ms. Rodriguez will be hosting a listening session for all students and families.  It is important for families to share their voice, experience, ideas and questions to support our collective learning.  Thank you, Ms. Rodriguez, for hosting our students and to the whole summer school learning team of students and staff who contributed so much to this learning process.  Thank you for a great summer leaning experience.  I look forward to hearing your ideas in support of our students for a great start to the 2020-21 school year.  We will see you soon.


    Peace and Be Well,


    Dr. Bruno Cross, Ed.D.