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    Letter to the Community
    Posted on 04/10/2020
    Letter to the Community

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    April 10, 2020 


    Dear Seattle World School Family


    I hope this letter finds each of us well, in good spirits, and healthy.  This pandemic is impacting everyone in our community.  More than ever, we need to be unified in our efforts to meet our individual and shared needs.  At Seattle World School, we are committed to doing what we can to support all our students, families and communities during this crisis.


    Over the last few weeks, our learning community has come together in ways that are remarkable and reassuring.  Teachers and support staff have been creating activities, connecting with families, delivering needed supports, and providing resource information for our families.  If you need assistance, please reach out.  We may be able to provide support.


    Here are some basic things we are doing in order to best meet the needs of our learning community:  


    • Supplemental Activities for Students. Families can access resources from their teachers.  This might be online (Schoology), by mail, email.

    •  Teachers are attempting to contact each student at least 2 times per week.
    •  Parents and students should feel free to email or call their students’ teachers with any questions or feedback as needed.  Teacher and staff contact information is available on our school’s website
    • Students are expected to attempt to connect with teachers as often as it is necessary to make sense of what you are learning, and the activities provided by teachers.

    Connecting with your child’s teachers.  If you have not received any support, please contact us as soon as possible at 206-252-2200.  Leave your phone number, parent/guardian name and student name so we can return your call.  Here are some additional contact numbers for families

    • House Administrator, Jessica Call – 206-252-2226
    •  Counselor, Rusty Hibbert – 206-252-2232
    •  Family Support Worker, Rocio Luquero – 206-252-2232
    • School Nurse, Helene Mansfield

     Community PartnersFamilies can also access resources from our community partners.  Kandelia is currently very active in gathering and sharing resources for our families.If you need help, please fill out this google form: . You can also reach them at and (971) 412-2201.  Also, ICHS is providing health services support for Seattle World School students.  Call 206-332-7160 and leave a voicemail and a phone number.  


    • Laptop Computers for Students – Coming Soon!  Seattle Public Schools plans to distribute laptop computers to all students who are currently assigned to Seattle World School starting just after Spring Break.  More information about this will be made available next week.  


    • News is Changing – Quickly and Often!  Information about resources, supports and expectations for school from our state and local leaders are changing quickly and often.  Students and families need to stay tuned and be ready for changes as they come.  


    Our immediate and most important goals are 1to establish communications within our community, 2respond and share resources to support the immediate needs of our familiesand 3) improve our skills to communicate remotely in order to share our ideasquestions, and what we learn.   


    May we all find the strength and a persistent action to understand and claim the present moment and our lives. 


    Peace and Good Health, 


    Bruno Cross, Ed.D.  


    Seattle World School