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    Seattle World School Welcomes New Principal.
    Posted on 01/08/2019
    This is the image for the news article titled Seattle World School Welcomes New Principal.

    Much like Seattle World School, I find that the world is a small and beautiful place with big possibilities. I love to learn about how the world works, what makes life possible and how people participate in all of it. I find that the more I learn, the more I want to know.

    I have had an opportunity to love, learn, and live among people who are talented, hard-working and passionate about a rich diversity of ideas that have enriched my life in splendid ways.  I am an immigrant in these United States and grateful for a lifetime of experience traveling around the world and learning about life in conventional and unconventional ways. A central part of my life has focused around learning how to navigate in and across cultures.  I learned to speak Spanish and Portuguese as a child and then English in my early teens which helped fuel a multi-cultural identity that informs my being in ways that nurture and challenge me every day. Over the course of my short life, I have lived in Brazil, Chile, the United States, and Venezuela.  Within the U.S., I lived in California, Mississippi, Guam, and Washington.  I spent seven years in the U.S. Navy and attended post-secondary school at Highline Community College, Western Washington University and the University of Washington.  I have been a teacher and administrator for about seventeen years learning in our public schools in the greater Seattle area. 

    My learning and leadership flow from a set of core values that influence my daily actions, thoughts and responses. Among these values are strength in unity and diversity. I believe we share a common humanity where we can act to nurture curiosity, seek equity, reflect integrity and embrace dignity in building relationships that make life and living possible... and maybe somewhat nice for ourselves and a little better for each other.

    I like to tell stories, meet new people, play games and travel. I enjoy being active and spending time with my family and friends. I especially enjoy taking pictures of life in action and sharing them with the world. Mostly, I enjoy being with others and doing things that make a difference in the world in small and meaningful ways.