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    This Week: November 23-27
    Posted on 11/23/2020
    This Thanksgiving 2020

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    Thanksgiving Message from Principal Cross

    Dear Seattle World School Family and Friends. 

    On Thursday and throughout this coming weekend, many people around the United States will recognize the Thanksgiving Holiday.  It is commonly told by many in history that in November of 1621, recently arrived immigrants from England celebrated the successful harvest with a group of Native American allies including Chief Massasoit of the Wampanoag tribe.  A closer look at the history reveals that it wasn’t that simple.  Like the struggles we face today, the story is complicated. 

    That is why this Thanksgiving, I want to express my gratitude for everyone who fights for justice, peace and harmony – each and every day.

    • Thank you, students within our communities struggling to make sense of their new world and finding a path to navigate in order to grow and learn together
    • Thank you, parents and guardians within our families trying to build, strengthen, and reconcile relationships and meet our basic needs in order that we can live and love together
    • Thank you, teachers and mentors within our schools and community centers nurturing, inspiring, and listening to our youth in partnership with each other to lead and teach together.
    • Thank you, health and human service providers within our hospitals, fire departments, military branches, government agencies, grocery stores and other like institutions who put their lives on the line each and every day to ensure we can seek refuge and resources to sustain life safely together
    • Thank you, activists and leaders within our communities advocating for human dignity and environmental rights so we can all survive and thrive together.   

    Being thankful and offering recognition for those who have impacted our lives is very much possible, even if we are at a distance.  While the current health crisis and imposed restrictions will necessarily hamper many traditional gatherings, there is still much we can do to nurture our kindred spirits.  So much of who we are is where we’ve been, whom we’ve loved, what we’ve cherished, when we overcame, and how we survived and found peace, love and harmony amid our complex and complicated lives.  Over the next week and into the Thanksgiving Holiday, I hope that we can each take the time we need to safely share our stories of gratitude with each other.

    Peace and be well…



    From Our Librarian and Technologist


    ·        Wednesday 12pm-4pm: Get library books and technology help at Seattle World School

    ·        Want to learn some tech tricks? Join us at Online Technology Help Mondays at 3:15, or message Ms. Johnson  This week and next week:

    o   change your Teams background and

    o   send photos from your phone to your computer

    o   turn on “closed captioning” so you can see the words your teacher says in class


    From Our Teen Health Center ICHS:


    ·        Cooking Club for SWS students.  The plan is to start on the Thursday after Thanksgiving.  We will meet from 4-5.  More details to come!

    ·        The Teen Health Center will be available on Tuesday 11/24, during food bag giveaway, to give free flu shots to anyone who would like one! If possible, please give us a call to let us know you are interested.


    From Kandelia


    Kandelia will be distributing Holiday Food Bags on Tuesday 11/24 and Wednesday 11/25 11am-6pm. Families can come either day to pick them up. If you are an SWS family, sign up here: