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    SWS Students Speak at School Board Meeting
    Posted on 03/28/2019
    SWS Students Speak at School Board Meeting

    Two SWS Students represented our learning community at the Seattle School Board public meeting last night at the John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence (JSCEE).  Dilnesh Tewodros (9th) and Maximiliano Sebastian Pedro (10th) prepared comments and shared their thinking with Seattle and the World (I believe it was broadcast live).  The invitation was for one high school student to sit on the Dais with the Directors and the Superintendent and for the other student to be the first person to provide public testimony.  Dilnesh accepted the invitation to sit on the Dais and Maximiliano agreed to provide public testimony.

    Dilnesh introduced herself, gave everyone a short sound bite of her language (Amharic), and shared her thoughts with confidence, strength and grace.  She spoke on the challenges with language learning and cultural transitions, supports and relationships, and the positive encouragements she has experienced while learning at Seattle World School.  On behalf of her classmates, community and the teachers, she highlighted the opportunity and benefits of attending Seattle World School as a immigrant or refugee new to Seattle. 

    Max also introduced himself and shared some important realities of what it means to move away from one’s own country and the cultural barriers and other challenges.  He spoke of being from Guatemala and being of indigenous heritage trying to make sense of his new reality.  He called on Board members to support students like him who have to learn a new language, take on new social rules, and develop the relationships to support learning and life.  He asked for support in creating clubs or groups for the increasing number of students from the Mayan community of Guatemala that can assist with students getting familiar with English, the American culture and new ways of being in a place so different from their own. 

    As you may see in the video linked here, our students are wonderful in so many ways.  Thanks to you for supporting the learning and growth of all of our students.