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    If you visit the school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:00-16:00 you should call the Main Office at 206-252-2200 at the front door to discuss entering the building. This is to keep you and others safe.  Thank you!

    Wednesday you can reach office staff by phone or Teams only 8:30-16:00.

    Main Office: 206-252-2200

    Attendance Office: 206-252-2204

    Principal: 206-252-2200

    House Admin: 206-252-2229

    Counseling Office: 206-252-2234

    Enrollment Office: 206-252-2253 (Mariela Galvez)

    School Nurse: 206-252-2207 (Andrea Kurtzman) Tuesdays-Fridays

    Health Clinic: 206-332-7160

    After-School Activities: 206-252-2252

    Volunteer Coordinator: 206-252-2251