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Are you ill?

Stay home if you feel sick

DO Call Seattle World School if you are feeling sick or need to be out of school. Every

day you are absent you will need to call the attendance office at: 206-252-2204

DO NOT come to school if you feel sick. Even just a cold or sore throat – return only after

you are completely better


Tell us why you are staying home, leave your full name and your phone number.

Absences will be excused when you call. You can ignore the robocalls.

Save your Covid test results

Always save your covid test results and send them if you took your Covid test outside of school and call the school nurse, Ms Andrea, to share them.

Nurse phone: 206-437-4581

Join online school from home

DO attend the online student support class to stay connected with school and get help with classes.

This class meets on Teams:

Tuesdays and Fridays 12-3pm


MX. Barlow – For online class access, homework support, and any other questions about working from home.

For help with food and other services

Please call or text Ms. Rocio – 206-518-1120

Si necesita ayuda con comida o medicina puede llamar o enviar mensaje