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This Week: 4-8 October

No School Friday, 8 October

The staff have some learning to accomplish together while students have no school. Enjoy the day!

Sign up for After School Fun

Our community partner, Kandelia, is offering lots of fun activities after school for students. You can sign up for classes and activities this Wednesday, 5 October, after school in the Courtyard. More information in a special Wednesday advisory!

For Amharic, Tigrinya, Oromo and Somali Speakers

Horn of Africa has many wonderful supports for you in their Youth Program including Job Readiness Training, Leadership Program, and After School Tutoring Program available on Zoom or in-person. The Zoom tutoring sessions are Monday-Thursday 16:30-18:30. The Job Readiness Contact is Dehabe Hassan at and the program starts soon. Find out more call 206-773-8133.

Youth Conference for English and Spanish Speakers

On Saturday, 16 October, the CONSEJO 2021 Youth Conference is happening. Students are welcome! Call 206-437-2403 to register.

Save the Date 2021 Youth Conference "Building our Future" 9am to 3pm 206-437-2403.

For Young Men: Kings! Rise Up Opportunity

Registration is still OPEN. The first meeting Oct. 7th with delayed time to accommodate school schedule 4pm-5pm. Students can earn up to $200 attending the course.

Feeling sick?

To protect us all from the Covid-19 virus, please remember to stay home, call the school to say you are absent, and get a Covid test that indicates you are negative before you return to school. Thank you!