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Meet Your School Community

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What will you or your child learn in school? What support does the school offer families?

How to Watch

We recommend you watch

  • the video from your or your child’s team of teachers
  • the administration and specialist video
  • the school nurse video
  • the community partner video

The total amount of time to watch the videos is between 10-15 minutes.

To add subtitles in your preferred language, click the gear icon “settings”

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Then select “subtitles/cc”

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Then select “autotranslate”

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Then choose your language from the list

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Ms. Leung, Mr. Jarret, Mr. Jonas, Ms. Powers, Ms. Young and Mr. Bruketta

Ms. Dewald, Ms. Kelsey, Mr. McNaul, Mr. Perara, Mr. Starr and Mr. Bruketta

Mr. Butler, Ms. Chen, Mr. Khalil, Ms. Markert, Ms. Nesbit and Mr. Starr

Ms. Barlow, Mr. Butler, Mr. Earl, Ms. Riles

Principal, House Administrator and Specialists

School Nurse

Community Partners