Seattle World School


Our Model

In 2007-2008, a group of community and educational experts in multilingual education and support came together and developed a school model for the Seattle World School.

Big Ideas

  • Uses research-supported approaches to provide exemplary secondary multilingual learner education 
  • Increases opportunities to earn credits for core academic classes, and 
  • Provides pathways that lead to high school graduation

What it Looks Like

  • Using a protocol called sheltered instruction, teachers develop thematic content units to support language acquisition and comprehension at the same time as content acquisition and comprehension. All lessons contain both language and content learning objectives.
  • Student portfolios are beginning to monitor student progress and to inform curriculum alignment.  
  • An on-site intake center provides language and content proficiency assessments to ensure appropriate academic placement, health screenings, and course assignments. Multilingual instructional staff provide translations and interpretation to facilitate the process. 
  • Because employment is a high priority due to the students’ age and family responsibilities, the school often provides alternate and flexible scheduling of classes to accommodate students who work.   
  • We also offer special intervention, including a 5-year plan to graduation, for students who have had gaps in their education.