Technology Help: Students and Staff

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This page provides information on tools we use at school, as well as help for frequently asked questions (FAQs).For technology help videos on email, Schoology and more, subscribe to the Seattle World School Library YouTube channel

This page provides some key training sites, an overview of the major platforms and tools we use at Seattle World School, as well as some FAQs

Contact me, Sarah Johnson, if you need more guidance, and subscribe to the Seattle World School Library YouTube Channel for video tutorials.  There is a playlist for staff.

Digital Learning

The District has about a dozen Digital Learning Specialists who provide introductory training on many of the platforms and tools in the district.  The portal is located in the MySPS site, under Digital Learning.  You can access it here

In addition key materials on Teams, Schoology, Office 365 and more are in our Schoology course for this year:

SPS Remote Learning Course 2020-2021.  Join it from within Schoology with the code WTBB-BBNV-NTG7J if you are not automatically added.


Schoology is our Learning Management System, similar to Canvas and Blackboard.

  • Our district access is here at a specific URL (you can’t just Google Schoology and go to the general site). Bookmark it to your browser.

  • You log in with the same district ID and password you use for your computer and email.When not at school, you must add to your username to log in.

  • If you don’t need or want the full course available in Remote Learning 2020-2021, check out some of the Quick Reference Documents (QRD), or our own tips and tricks sheet that goes a little more in-depth when you actually start to upload materials to your classes.

Webinars and Live Training Opportunities

The District Learning Specialists provide live weekly  introductory webinars during the school year. 

  • Our DLS will email us weekly with a schedule during the school year.  It can also be found at MySPS>Digital Learning. 

The World School technology committee also does “in-house” technology support in weekly “Tech Show and Shares.” This environment is much more free-wheeling and collaborative, where colleagues swap ideas and problem-solve together.

  • You can earn hours that count towards your 32 extra hours of tech pay for participating.
  • The schedule for 2020-2021 is TBD
  • You can access the Spring 2020 archive on SharePoint under Tech Show and Share RECAPS

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is also the SPS version of Slack and Zoom combined.  To enter, launch Teams either by entering the Office 365suite and selecting Teams, or by searching Teams in the lower left corner of your district laptop.  Files posted to Teams also post to SharePoint in the Office 365 suite so you have multiple points of access.


For access to our online resource library of District subscriptions and partnerships, follow this link to the Online Academic Resources to see what we have and bookmark the page.

Email me for the general username and password for students and staff if you can’t get under under your usual login. Alternatively, you can log in through the Teacher Portal(Clever) to see the same resources.

For our school specific list of tools we find particularly successful for ELLs, head to the SWS Library webpage and look under the tab for Distance Learning.

Most non-district tools we list require you to make your own free account, except for three: 

  • IXL for which we have a school-based subscription.  Email me to get your setup information.

  • Library Link , a partnership between Seattle Public Library and Seattle Public Schools. At the bottom of the ELL Hub page are login instructions. Staff have a different login from students: 991 + enough zeros + your employee ID number to equal a 13 digit number.  Your PIN is the last four digits of your employee ID. A quick guide for students is also available here.  I have many multilingual materials and lessons on my  Schoology page and usually co-teach library link resources whenever needed.

  • Talking Points is provided by the District beginning Fall 2020.  Talking Points is a multilingual texting app similar to Remind that protects your phone number and also allows you to set office hours restrictions when communicating with families and students.

  • Kahoot!  premier has been generously funded for us this year by the Seattle World School Fund.  Contact me, Sarah Johnson, if you’d like the subscription link.


How do I….

request a laptop or hotspot for a student?

reset a student’s password

find out if a platform or app I’d like to use is district-approved?

report and resolve a tech problem, get approved software, permissions and more?