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Ngo, Tai

Bilingual Instructor - General, Chinese languages, Vietnamese

Nguyen, Nhu-Hien

Bilingual Instructor - Math, Vietnamese

Oropeza-Ramirez, Fernanda

Family Outreach Coordinator - Kandelia

Patek, Ryan

Truancy Intervention Specialist

Perara, Michael

Teacher/Bilingual BS

Biography <p>Education:</p> B.A. Math Education, Western Washington University Masters in ELL, Western Governors University ,Personal Message  

Phi, Anh

Clinic Care Coordinator - ICHS

Powers, Hannah

English Language Arts Teacher

Riles, Gwen

Social Studies Teacher

Biography I love learning with students and colleagues from all over the world.

Sanchez, Xochilt

Bilingual Instructor - General, Spanish

Short, Ana

Behavioral Health Specialist - ICHS

Singh, Grishma

Academic Interventionist

Spear, Dakota

Volunteer Coordinator - Kandelia

Starr, Gregory

Music Teacher

Biography I graduated from the University of Puget Sound with a Master's in the Art of Teaching in 2016. I began singing in choir 20 years ago, and have extensive experience performing, arranging and conducting. ,Personal Message My passions outside of music include learning languages (I speak Spanish and Chinese in addition to English), traveling, and cuisine.

Sun, Janni

School Services Administrator - ICHS

Sysavath, Pany

Dental Assistant - ICHS

Tambellini, Mindi

Behavioral Health Specialist ICHS

Tran, Terri

Dental Coordinator - ICHS

Tuli, Fekadu

Bilingual Instructor - General, Oromo, Amharic

Van, Justin (Nhan)

Patient Navigator - Neighborhood House

Wong, Kristie

Youth Program Coordinator - Kandelia